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Hi, I'm Nick 

                                                           Dover, United Kingdom, 2016

                                                           Dover, United Kingdom, 2016

I currently live in New York City studying Psychology

I'm inspired by my love for understanding people, especially creative people, that generate ideas, concepts, and themes and integrate that into a work of art, which I satisfy through my work with fashion.

I seek to understand people and events through photography, aiming to capture moments through documentary type photography and reportage

Psychology and Photography, for me, go hand in hand as I attempt to connect to and explain those around me through this art form

I find both people and nature beautiful and I try to show that beauty in any way I can

I'm consistently open-minded and always seeking new challenges to push my art to new places.


Clients include:

W Magazine                                Vogue US                                    Purple Fashion Magazine

Dazed                                          LOVE Magazine                          Interview Magazine

Document Journal                     Carolina Herrera                        New York Models

Harper's Bazaar UK                   Vogue Mexico                             Bullett Magazine

NY Mag                                       Monse                                          Kate Spade


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